Get a Master’s Degree in Communication and Media to Advance in your Career

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Study a Master in Communication and Media to acquire new knowledge and tools so you can progress in your professional career. This Master will give you the possibility of accessing to more jobs with great opportunities. 

The last decade has seen unprecedented changes in communications and media content, technology and policy, with wide ranging implications for business, politics, public policy and everyday life. 

The Master of Communication and Media develops the student's understanding of the changing global contexts of media and communication practices. With a theoretical and practical foundation, it will provide students with a critically informed understanding of the key issues affecting the global communications industry, focusing on the challenges posed by the rise of digital media, globalization, and increasing levels of exchange.  

In this Master's degree, students will be introduced to the latest developments and research in communications and media – including in social and online media – always with a view to real-world application.

So, if you are interested in acquiring new knowledge and tools that help you have access to job opportunities with greater responsibility and better positions, in addition to co-training in the field of Communication, then the Master in Communication and Media is ideal for you.

What can I do with a Master’s degree in Communication and Media? 

In the Master degree, students acquire skills that will prepare them to take a leadership role in many careers and industries. Earning a Master’s degree in Communication and Media can help prepare graduates for jobs in corporate communications, journalism, mass media, politics, higher education, or a wide range of other fields.
Students that are already employed can use the skills they acquire to advance in their current careers, with some leadership positions even requiring a Master’s in Communication and Media. Those professionals interested in changing careers can pursue their Master’s  in a communication specialization that aligns with their particular professional goals. 

A Master’s in Communication and Media, can also prepare graduates for doctoral studies and a career in higher education, where they will spend their time conducting research and educating students. 

With this Master degree you’ll gain contemporary skills for the participation in and management of sophisticated communicative processes in regional, urban, national and international contexts. This includes critical thinking, cultural sensitivity, advanced reading and communication skills (both written and verbal) and high-level analytical skills. 

The degree aims to develop your skills in communications and media research. This methodological training will enable you to participate in relevant research-based study and equip you with an edge for today’s competitive workplaces.

How can a Master’s in Communication and Media make progress in your career? 

Master’s in Communication and Media help students build valuable skills for their current or future careers. Regardless of the program that a student selects, they will be given the opportunity to become proficient at writing and data analytics. In theoretical programs, these skills are developed primarily through completing research critiques and conducting social-scientific research. In applied programs, these skills are developed through executing applied projects. 

Master’s degrees tend to offer practical experience, like writing or reporting on a variety of analytics. You'll also learn about media law, such as libel, privacy, and copyrights. Master's programs in Communication and Media also delve into theories and research to better evaluate communication methods for differing populations and purposes. Because communications encompass multiple disciplines, the exact requirements vary according to your area of concentration and the type of degree you seek.

Nevertheless, the list of skills that a student can learn in a Master degree in Communication and Media program is extensive. The specific skills a student develops are primarily determined by their program type, the specialization they choose and the courses they take. 

Studying a Master's degree in Communication and Media will make you grow both personally and professionally, allowing you to enter the labor field with competitive advantages that will make you stand out.

Where to study for a Master's in Communication and Media?

If you are interested in studying a Master's degree in Communication and Media, you will find some universities in South Africa that offer different Master’s in Communication and Media. We leave you a list with the different Master's in Communication and Media that you can study in each university.

Find the master's degree in communication and media that interests you the most to continue your professional training.

We invite you to visit our website where you will find all the universities in South Africa that offer Master's degrees in Communication and Media. If you have pending questions, you can complete the form that appears there so an advisor will contact you immediately to provide you with the information you need.

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