Fancy Burgers: The New Trend among Gastronomy Students

Friday, July 30, 2021

Learn all about the new trend among gastronomy students:  Fancy burgers.

Historically, burgers have been a recipe known for its bad quality ingredients, lack of innovation, and for being huge part of food chains marketing. So, it may have been a little too much linked to them. That’s why burgers have become a greasy, cheap, and fast food. 

However, before big food chains, burgers had a story of their own. They were born in the XIX century in Hamburg, Germany, where the hit was this particular mincemeat beef. Over the years, German immigrants in the US made sure to spread the recipe around the world. That´s why we can assure that this plate wasn´t always a cheap one. 

Nowadays, students in gastronomy master's degrees have taken the task of renewing burgers, and making them great again, leaving all prejudice aside. 

Fancy Burgers is a way of calling new and elaborated burgers. Burgers that go far away from the one we know and revolutionize the cuisine world. 

With time, we were able to forget the names of these food chains and fell more and more in love with these particular sandwiches with mincemeat, cheese and great bread. 

But consumers and food lovers aren’t the only ones that became obsessed with them. Gastronomy students were compelled by these sandwiches, which offer a wide range of possibilities to improve, innovate, create and explore different flavors, textures, smells, and sensations. 

Hand in hand with burgers, gastronomy students have opened a door that they will never be able again to close. From now on, we’ll forget about burgers’ past and only concentrate on their future. If there is something we can agree on is that burgers’ future is closer to gastronomy careers than fast food chains. And it will be amazing, for sure. 

If you believe you are part of this group of people enchanted by the magic of burgers and its different recipes, maybe you should be thinking about studying a gastronomy master’s degree. You won´t regret it. Leave your personal information in the chart above and we will contact you to help you.

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