Tips for Master's Degree Students

Friday, August 13, 2021

If you are having trouble studying a Master’s degree in South Africa, these tips are going to help you.

Probably, when you started studying a , you ignored how difficult it could be, and how different it was from your Bachelor’s degree.  Between exams, mid-terms, papers, lecturing, reading, and other responsibilities that come with adult life, such as having a job, grad school life isn’t at all easy. Master’s degree

Don’t panic! It will be hard, but not impossible. Follow these tips, and it will get much easier.


1- Repeat and repeat. There is nothing better for memory than repeating what you just read out loud. It’s even better if you ask a family member or a friend, and try to explain the topic to them, as if you were giving a lecture. Saying tour words out loud will not only help you memorize, but also might make you realize the mistake you may be making.

2- Give your brain the right amount of time to process information. Your body needs time to process the information you continue to give it constantly. A good advice to avoid forgetting rapidly what you just read would be to revise that information 24 hours later.

3- Try to find a real application for what you are trying to understand. Information can be very abstract when it comes to university exams. Don’t worry, you can compare it to real life examples and make it easier to remember. 

4- Study every day.  We know sometimes it’s hard to keep this rhythm, but you need to at least try. Find at least a little loophole a day in your routine to incorporate studying. 

5- Use the internet. It seems kind of obvious, but it isn’t. When you have your books in paper, you tend to forget about the internet. Well, don’t. Use it to increase your knowledge and information. Apps have gained much popularity in the past few years also, and this is because they are really useful for studying, practicing, and gaining knowledge. 

6- Learn with your own words. Forget about learning by heart, it doesn’t work, and never did. You need to rephrase everything you read and hear, in order to really gain knowledge. 

7- Organize your schedule. There are many things to do, and not much time. You will have to have a really clear scheduled in order to succeed at studying. Use colors, charts, drawings, or anything that can help you make this annoying activity a little more fun. 

8- Sleep. It seems obvious but it isn’t. Many students, while studying, tend to abuse their energy and pull all-nighters without realizing how dangerous it can be for their learning ability, and, most importantly, their health. You need to sleep between 7 and 8 hours per night so your brain can incorporate the information you have given it, while resting. 

So, if you are studying a master’s degree, you should follow these tips. You won’t regret it!

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