Is it Worth Studying for a Master of Architecture?

Friday, September 24, 2021

If you want to increase your knowledge in your profession, the Master of Architecture is ideal for you. Continue reading for more information about this Master and find out the reasons why you should study the Master of Architecture. 

Nowadays, in the highly competitive world, it is extremely important to have studies that support and enhance your knowledge in the different areas related to Architecture. 

The Master in Architecture is closely connected to other disciplines like Arts and Design. Architecture is very important for human history and anthropology, considering each inhabits the structures built by other generations. 

Architects need to have an eye for beauty, utility and durability. The Master of Architecture will teach you all about design rules, where you should follow them and where you´ll have some room for exploration and creativity. 

In this Master's, you are going to learn how to work with texture, colour, contrast, lighting and many other aspects that will allow you to become an expert in Architecture. You will have to make sure your vision can also be built according to safety standards and available resources. 

If you want to increase your knowledge in Architecture, keep reading to know what this Master is about and discover the reasons to study it. 

Reasons why it is worth it to study the Master of Architecture 

Why is the Master of Architecture so important? Here are some reasons why you should study the Master of Architecture.

  1. A Master's degree opens the doors to the professional and academic world, and will allow you to get where you would like to be as an architect. The networking that is obtained through prestigious professors and other students with similar interests is undoubtedly necessary in a world that is increasingly connected.
  2. A Master in Architecture will allow you to meet other students who can later become your professional team to face projects and assignments in the best possible way. It is quite common for students to start their first professional entrepreneurship or competition by gathering a team of master´s classmates.
  3. With a Master degree in Architecture your quality of work and prestige will increase. Your earnings for salary will be greater, which makes master´s studies one of the best investments you can make. Also, the possibilities to be selected in a job position are much higher when the candidate has a relevant Master´s degree on the CV.
  4. The Master of Architecture will allow you to be constantly evolving. With a Master's of architecture degree, you´ll be better prepared to take on a wider range of projects, or you can choose to focus on something more specific. The Master in Architecture will set you up for a lifetime of on-the-job learning. 

Architecture firms in the world are looking for more and more qualified professionals in specialized areas, and a master's degree is the best way to acquire this knowledge depending on your field of interest. 

If you really want to enhance your career as an Architect or join the academic-research world, you should seriously consider investing time in making a master's degree either official (accredited) or post-professional, after you have finished your bachelor architecture studies.

Universities where study a Master of Architecture 

In South Africa you will find some universities that teach Masters in Architecture. Keep in mind to choose a university that provides quality education and that adds value to your professional career. 

Therefore, we leave you some prominent universities that teach Masters of Architecture in South Africa

University of the Witwatersrand:

University of Johannesburg:

Nelson Mandela University:

Click on the master that interests you the most and become the professional that you always dreamed of being.

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