Study a Master's Degree in Geology

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Study a Master's Degree in Geology to enhance your professional career and add value to your curriculum. 

Geology is a field of study that can be applied to a wide range of additional disciplines, including environmental science and engineering.  A Master's Degree in Geology is often a way to advance one's career in a wide range of science-related positions that work closely with the Earth and its environment.

Graduates with a Master's Degree may be prepared for more research-based positions and have additional knowledge of the Earth's structure that can be beneficial in various fields. 

A Master's Degree in Geology is designed to teach students how to understand, interpret and explain the world around them. The master´s degree teaches about catastrophic events like volcanoes and earthquakes, along with complex ideas about the information of the world. 

So, if you are interested in studying a Master's Degree in Geology, keep reading to know what it is about and where you can study this incredible master's degree

Reasons to get your Master's Degree in Geology 

A Master’s degree in Geology is often chosen by students who have pursued some kind of environmental or natural science degree at the undergraduate level. There are a variety of topics that can be combined with it, like mining, engineering or geohydrology, enabling individuals to choose a course that specifically reflects their future career goals. 

Once students have been accepted onto a Geology Master’s, they will have the benefit of receiving a thorough training in the field from qualified professionals. The fieldwork will always  be linked to the topic in hand, so even the most arduous of learning outcomes are achieved during the course. 

That's why we show you the reasons why you must earn a Master's degree in Geology

  1. Better career options in geology. With the Master’s degree in Geology you will have more and better job opportunities. Geologists with a master’s degree are in high demand by companies all around the world. With your Master in Geology you will have access to a very broad job market with great opportunities.
  2. Learn more about a specific area of geology. Earning a master's degree is the opportunity to study intensely an area of Geology you are passionate about. With a Master’s degree in Geology you can explore the specialization that really excites you. 
  3. Activities outdoors and getting your hands dirty. Geologist’s don’t spend all of their time in a lab or in an office. If you get your Master’s in Geology, you’ll spend your time working with the elements that you are studying. With this Master's degree you will have the possibility to go out to do open field work with a professional team of colleagues.
  4. Researching and learning more about the environment elements. A large part of earning your Master’s degree in Geology is completing a thesis based on your own independent, original research. 
  5. Learn from the experts. When you are working toward your Master’s in Geology, you´re not going at it alone. Each master’s student has a team or faculty and a designated faculty advisor who will help guide your research and help you reach your goals. 

Earning your master’s in geology is probably the best training you can have before entering a doctoral program. So, what are you waiting for?

Universities where to can study a Master's Degree in Geology

In South Africa, there are numerous universities that offer a Master's degree in Geology, so you will have the possibility to choose the institution that best suits your needs and that adds value to your professional career.

For this reason, we leave you a list with the different universities where you can study a Master's degree in Geology

Find the perfect university for you that will help you boost your professional career with a Master’s Degree in Geology. 

We invite you to visit our website where you can find all the Universities in South Africa that offer Master's degrees in Geology. If you have any pending questions, you can complete the form that appears there, so that an advisor can contact you immediately and provide you with the information you are looking for.  

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