Master of Science in Microbiology: Why do Microbes matter?

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

When it comes to choosing which of the many in-person or online master's degrees suits you best, you should take every single option into consideration. In this case, we introduce you to the Master of Science in Microbiology.

What is Microbiology?

During the course of different in-person and online programmes related to biology, the definition of microbiology tends to be: It’s the study of the smallest living organisms, those who are not directly visible to the human eye. 

This means that, if you decide to pursue any of the in-person and online master's degrees related to microbiology available, you will be learning about fungi, bacteria, viruses and all the living organisms that are collectively known as “microbes”.

These “microbes” play a major role in several natural processes. From biodegradation to climate change, they are a non-visible part of our daily lives and understanding their importance is something that is emphasized in each of the existing in-person and online programmes (whether they are in-person or online master's degrees, in-person or online bachelor's degrees, etc.) related to biology and natural sciences. 

Now, microbes can also be utilized for several other purposes through human manipulation, which is another key aspect of Microbiology as a field of study, since this implies that there is more to them than simply recognising their roles in nature and identifying them. They can be used, for instance, in the making of vaccines or manufacturing of biofuels. The knowledge and skills required to perform these processes are obtained only by choosing and pursuing any of the many in-person and online master's degrees available. These in-person and online programmes allow their students to perform research in different fields related to microbiology, so there is also the chance that, by enrolling in them, you can make a groundbreaking discovery.

Where can you pursue a master's degree in microbiology?

In South Africa, there are several in-person and online master's degrees in microbiology available for you to pursue. Many institutions include them in their in-person and online programmes catalogue, so you will have several options to choose from when the time of deciding in which institution you are going to pursue it in comes. For instance, Nelson Mandela University offers the Master of Science in Microbiology, which is an in-person programme with a minimum length of one year.

If you want to get more information about this degree or any other in-person and online programmes available in the Nelson Mandela University, you can begin your search by clicking here.

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