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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

There are several in-person and online programmes related to language, but when it comes to South Africa, becoming an expert in Xhosa is an exclusive opportunity.

There are several in-person and online programmes (such as in-person and online master’s degrees) related to language. As you might already know, there are eleven official languages in South Africa, and one of them is Xhosa.

Pursuing in-person and online master’s degrees related to language is a cultural experience: By using language as a guide, students dive deeper into the culture of several societies. Sometimes, that might be a foreign culture from the other side of the world, and on other occasions, it might be just around the corner.

That’s the case with Xhosa: Through these in-person and online programmes, you can dive deep into its cultural implications, history, and current situation in its coexistence with other languages such as English, Afrikaans, Sepedi, Sesotho, Swazi, Tsonga, Zulu and Swahili.

As of today, Xhosa is spoken as a first language by approximately eight million inhabitants of South Africa, while another eleven million speak it as a second language. Of course, this means that this language has an impact all around the country: From Eastern Cape to Western Cape, it has a solid presence among South African citizens.

Therefore, by choosing to enroll in these in-person and online master’s degrees you will explore the theory of African literature, syntax and semantics, and even aspects of both poetry and drama.

So, these in-person and online programmes are waiting for you to explore them, and dive deeper into the South African literature and culture through a deep understanding of Xhosa through academic research in these in-person and online master’s degrees.

Which institutions offer in-person and online master’s degrees in Xhosa?

In South Africa, the number of in-person and online programmes available is high and ever-growing. However, when it comes to this particular field of study, the best option might be the Master of Arts in Xhosa by Research offered by the Nelson Mandela University. It is an in-person programme with a length of two years that takes place in the Faculty of Humanities.

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