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Stellenbosch University

Master of Science in Polymer Science

The Master of Science in Polymer Science in Chemistry is offered by Stellenbosch University.

Program Length: 1 YEAR.

Master of Science in Polymer Science offered by Stellenbosch University at the Faculty of Science

The Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science is one of the pre-eminent research departments in Chemistry in South Africa and is engaged in a wide range of research areas. The department hosts three Research Chairs and has the largest research effort in Polymer Science in the country.

They aim to create and maintain an academic environment where research and education in chemistry will grow and continue to flourish at an international level, attracting top scholars and students, thus benefiting the entire South African community.

Programme Description
An independent research project on an approved topic as determined by your supervisor(s) and leading to a thesis, is required. Supplementary studies as determined by the supervisor(s) may also be required.

Programme Content
This programme consists of a 100% thesis.

Compulsory Module
Thesis Polymer Science 828(180)
Assessment and Examination
On completion of the research, you must submit a thesis for examination to the satisfaction of the examiners and complete an oral examination.

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